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Install G1 app and choose settings

Schedule a 'white glove' install to make sure everything is perfect. Choose your warranty settings.


Manage customer Cases your way

Use our app to manage rare customer Cases, send replacements, offer refunds, etc. Fully integrated with Shopify.


Keep the rest of the money

After sending replacements or refunds, the rest of the money is yours keep. Don’t spend it all at once!

"Guardia1 has a Customer First Mentality, Which has been Really Refreshing"

Cents of Style

We Helped Protect 2.7M+* Orders Worth More Than 328,000,000.00...
& We've Learned a Few Things:

1 in 541

The average number of warranties that have shipping-related issues.


Of all warranties sold are never used.
(what we're saying is, that's a lot of pointless spending)


Insurance companies want you to know about this.


can't walk backward. It has nothing to do with Guardia1, but isn't that crazy?

Impressively accurate source: Guardia One Merchant Metrics

No experience installing apps?
Worry not!

You'll get our help so that you won't struggle with technology-induced anxiety.

We help entrepreneurs grow revenue out of nothing.

Empower your customers by letting them choose if they want to protect their orders or not, if they do, good for you. Less than 0.2% of all orders actually end up being replaced.


Two of the scariest things in life are looking at one of your Facebook posts from 10 years ago, and switching to a new platform. With Guardia1, you'll get custom, free migration from Route and other competitors.

Free migration

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Almost Instant Customer Service

Highly responsive customer service and case managers.
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